ECOLOGICAL Artisan honey collected in The Alcornocales Natural Park

Our unique honey. Limited production.

  • ETHICS: The welfare and care of our bees comes first.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCT: To guarantee that its nutritional properties remain perfect, we only produce officially certified organic honey.
  • HEALTH: One of the advantages of organic honey is that no chemicals are used and the hives are located in an environment free of pollutants. Fundamental for the well-being of everyone.
  • HONESTY IN THE PRODUCT: Own harvest, we specify on the labels the area of collection. Processed and harvested by hand by the beekeeper.
  • PACKAGING: We only use glass.
  • PAPER: Certified with FSC that helps to the responsible and sustainable forest management.


Organic Honey Farming
  • Our honey is of great purity, totally ecological and sustainable.
  • Without Additives or Preservatives.
  • Its consistency is very dense creamy, with a color between yellow and orange.
  • Its smell is intense and the flavor is powerful, a delight for the palate.

Completely handmade

Raw Honey Farming
  • Processed by hand by the beekeeper.
  • Properly packaged
  • It preserves all its vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Source for your defenses

Honey Farming
  • Indicated to prevent and treat infectious processes of the respiratory tract.
  • Helps to cut the symptoms of colds thanks to its natural anti-viral effect.
  • Protects health and properly nourishes the body, keeping it strong and active.

Guaranteed quality

Raw Organic Honey
  • Honey collected exclusively in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales Cadiz and Andalusia.
  • Ecological traceability of the highest quality.
  • Free of any type of chemical residue.
Los Alcornocales Natural Park

Farm las HERMANILLAS is in Los Alcornocales Natural Park

The Farm Hermanillas, the paradise of the Bees.

The honey Hermanillas is located within the park and is characterized by having the largest cork oak forest in Spain and one of the largest in the world, in a magnificent state of conservation, while maintaining the human use of cork. Unlike the cork oak forests of other latitudes, where the thickness is low, in this area the trees form authentic forests accompanied by a rich and varied shrub and herbaceous vegetation in intimate connection, which ensures the natural regeneration of the forest, a good mix of ages and a very high flora and wildlife biodiversity

The farm Hermanillas S.A. It has the certification of Organic Agriculture in Pastures, Meadows and Forages. See here

CE Nº 834/2007 / Nº AN6809FAE-07