Fecha del evento

diciembre 18, 2022

Hora del evento

11:00 am


Finca Las Hermanillas 7CP8+CMR Los Barrios

18 December

Come and enjoy with the family at PICNIC Hermanillas GastroFácil, a nutritious and conscious experience.

The entrance to PICNIC is FREE for everyone. Although we recommend getting the COMBO ticket for 10 euros and you benefit from several activities included.


  • The entrance to PICNIC is FREE for all


  • Fallow deer tasting
  • Tree planting
  • Games for kids
  • Search for the lair of the fallow deer with its hidden treasure
  • Chestnut with chocolate.
  • Parking
  • Adult + Child

Craft market and organic fresh food.

First thing in the morning there will be face painting for the little ones and the atrevid@s.

For children to learn the value of nature, love it, care for it and respect it, it is necessary for them to get close to it, feel it, smell it, enjoy it and experience it. So we are going to encourage everyone to plant a tree, with the intention of improving humanity and our planet (indicating the name of the person who plants it) and monitor the growth.

Picnic in the heart of the Alcornocales Natural Park, where we offer a sustainable lunch with a fallow deer tasting and….

Fallow deer meat is an ecological product since it comes from animals that are in total freedom, feeding on what they find in the mountains, without preservatives, without being fattened with chemical products and without using drugs to accelerate their growth, which makes it in a sustainable food, good for health and friendly to the environment.

Promotes rural work. Although the animals from which the game meat comes are free, it is necessary to care for and protect the environment in which they live. This makes the work of more people essential to maintain accesses, water areas and spaces to prevent fires.

Search for the lair of the deer with its hidden treasure for the little ones to look for, and whoever finds it will enjoy a wonderful gift.

At sunset we light the bonfire and invite to do a closing ritual of the year that ends, to welcome the new year, celebrating with a chestnut and chocolate.

When the sun goes down we can contemplate the stars to the sound of music.

Event Expired.

Event FAQs

Niñ@s / Children

Menores de 18 años pueden ingresar a PICNIC de forma gratuita, acompañados por al menos uno de los padres o tutor legal


Minors under the age of 18 can enter Equilicuá for free, accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian

Registro de Mascotas / Pet Registry

Le desaconsejamos traer su/s mascota/s a Picnic.

En la finca Hermanillas tienes que asegurarte de que tu mascota se sienta segura, tenga un lugar cómodo para descansar y ¡suficiente agua durante el día! Deben llevar una correa y un número de teléfono al que se le pueda localizar en el collar en todo momento.

Escribenos a info@hermanillas.com


We advise against bringing your pet(s) to Equilicuá

At the Hermanillas farm you have to make sure that your pet feels safe, has a comfortable place to rest and enough water during the day! They must wear a leash and a reachable phone number on the collar at all times.


Write us at info@hermanillas.com

¿Quieres dar a conocer y vender tú artesanía? Do you want to publicize and sell your crafts?

Escríbenos a: info@hermanillas.com

Contact: info@hermanillas.com

Ubicación / Location

Copie y pegue en navegador esta dirección:

7CP8+CMR Los Barrios

Google Maps:


¿Se puede comprar entradas en la puerta? / Can you buy tickets at the door?

No vendemos entradas en la puerta. El único lugar donde se pueden comprar entradas es aqui en nuestra web. 

We do not sell tickets at the door. The only place where you can buy tickets is here on our website.

¿Se puede traer comida y bebida? / Can you bring food and drinks?

No de puede traer comida ni bebida del exterior 

You cannot bring food or drink from outside

  • Finca Las Hermanillas 7CP8+CMR Los Barrios
  • Autovía Algeciras - Jerez
  • Los Barrios, Cádiz, España
  • 11370

Detalles del programa de eventos

  • diciembre 18, 2022 11:00 am   -   11:00 pm
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